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Florescent is best ofcourse, but here’s WHY, and which colors to use…
Color is perceived in the eye by the cones on the retina. There are three different types of cones. 1 for receiving red light, 1 green light, and 1 for blue light.

There are more red cones than any other type. (64% of the cones perceive the color red.) So the eye can pick up red in smaller amounts and at fainter brilliances than either blue or green. Things that are red or contain red can therefore be seen from farther away. So hot pink, which is red and some blue, can also be seen from far away, but since red only fires the red cones, it is the most easily seen at a distance.

The visible red light has a wavelength of about 650 nm. At sunrise and sunset, red or orange colors are present because the wavelengths associated with these colors are less efficiently scattered by the atmosphere than the shorter wavelength colors (e.g., blue and purple). A large amount of blue and violet light has been removed as a result of scattering and the longwave colors, such as red and orange, are more readily seen.

Since the color orange perceives red, it is second best…and so on.

I will explain.

Think of your old science classes in the 3rd grade (I’m 44, we learned this shit in 3rd grade and the nuns at my Catholic school would still make your knuckles bleed with rulers too…my how times have changed, ok…getting back on track…). Remember ROY-G-BIV? Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet. So Violet, aka Purple would be the worst possible canopy color since it is the narrowest or shortest wavelength.

Also, think back to Primary and Secondary colors…this comes into play when flying 3D or for the beginner who sometimes loses orientation. You don’t want opposite colors in a scheme because it will just create “shades of gray” at high speed, doing rolls, or flying inverted. But colors such as RED/ORANGE (just pick one of them!) on the top part of your canopy and (again, just pick one of the following) YELLOW/GREEN/(FLORESCENT (lighter shade of)) BLUE on bottom are best. 2 colors, easily to identify, etc.

For instance…a canopy that you would be able to see far away, the absolute best, and know it’s orientation would therefore be this simple: Florescent Red on top half (the ENTIRE top half) and then Florescent Green on the Bottom half. If you want something a little more “pretty” try Florescent Yellow on the bottom half then have a Florescent Green tail so it really BITES in which end is what since Red and Yellow are complimentary. Do not mix Red and Blue in the Canopy…this creates what I mentioned earlier, shades of gray…Red and Blue make purple…spin them around, do flips, pirouettes’… doom! Shades of gray = certain heli death and loss of orientation.

I cannot believe I spend my off time writing this crap rather than playing a video game or flying RealFlight G7 or Phoenix 5.5(I fly Phoenix 90% more these days)(Look for the Helipalooza Dot Com FunFly Server, that’s ours and we post when they are up!).

I hope this helps put an end to “what colors are best”, because simply stated, this post is complete fact based on years of science, technology, and useful bullshit I’ve learned through the years.

Squiggy Wigginz, Cincinnati, Ohio USA