About Us (Who is Squiggy Wigginz?)

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It all started the day dad took me to my first air-show. It was amazing. And the helicopters, I cannot forget the helicopters.

Old and bulky as they were I was hooked, and so was my dad. Helipalooza was born! We looked into them. The price was way out of my fathers range so I took a job at a satellite dish company at the ripe old age of 13. The helicopter was still way out of our combined price range so we got an idea. We split the price of a planker and built it together in the winter of 1983-1984. It wasn’t much fun. The job or the plane. Crashed it about the third flight (the plane not the job and it was my first flight on my own in a big field without an instructor I might add). Traded it in on a Tamaya Fox RC Car, but I promised dad I would fly heli’s one day.

Dad passed in 2002. I began Realflight day one of g3. Mom died in 2009. I got my first Blade mSR 4 months later and the hobby took flight….right through winter/summers past.

But I cannot thank my helifriends enough. This hobby saves lives and is the most rewarding and challenging thing I have done, and I’ve done alot.

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Which brings us to now. Thanks for being part of the Helipalooza! Here’s your easter egg. See how far the rabbit hole goes… (“to China if you crash 100% pitch inverted from 20 feet” says Freddie to me.)

A little flight of mine I did to music for you. Enjoy the words and flight.